The New Farm – by Brent Preston

I have just finished reading “The New Farm” by Brent Preston.   (Thanks for the book Mom!)    It is a great read – highly recommended about Brent and his wife buying a farm in Creemore, Ontario.     They struggle of course to make an organic vegetable farm work, but after ten years they are in a very good position.    One of the points he makes in the book is that for an organic farmer to be successful, the organic movement must be successful, so he welcomes others getting into the business.

I have built a mini lending library that I am going to be taking to the Elora Market with me on Saturdays.   This book is in it if you are interested.     You can also follow Brent Preston’s blog on the Globe and Mail website:

As we concentrate on root vegetables I have had nothing ready for the market yet, but I will be there within a couple of weeks as things are finally growing.   Here is an update of where things are:

Garlic – Looking good, scapes are ready now and I will have fresh garlic within two weeks.

Potatoes – the plants are doing really well and so far no sign of the dreaded potato bug.   I will have early varieties – including my favourite, red potatoes by next week.   Yukon gold and white potatoes are also coming along nicely.

Beets – a very disappointing start, they are finally growing, estimating three weeks still.

Corn – It will be a month yet but the corn is finally coming.  We have had enough rain, but corn likes warmth and so it has had a slow start.

Onions – The plants look good, but the bulbs aren’t big yet, probably have to wait a month.

Carrots – An unmitigated disaster this year.   My first two plantings didn’t materialize.   I will have some for Christmas!

Tomatoes – Still not a lot of fruit on the vines, so probably another month.

Stop by the farm to have a look for yourself!

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