Shop Creations Handmade in our workshop

A variety of decorative crafts, made from reclaimed wood, including Log Deer and Reversible Snowman/Scarecow Pallet Figures and a variety of planters.
Also available are Planters, Cedar Rails, Straw and Hay bales.

Log Deer

Log Deer (small) $20.00 Log Deer (large) $25.00

Snowman Scarecrow Large

These reversible Snowman(Winter) Scarecrow(Fall) crafts are made fromreclaimed wood. 28 cm x 86 cm 11 in x 34 inPrice – $25.00

Snowman Scarecrow Small

Snowman/Scarecrow – Small These reversible Snowman(Winter) Scarecrow(Fall) crafts are made fromreclaimed wood. 22 cm x 48 cm 8,5 in x 19 inPrice – $15.00

Wheelbarrow Planter

Wheelbarrow Planter These wooden planters aremade entirely from reclaimedwood. Ready for you to paint.Large: $50.00 Small: $40.00