If you really need another reason to support organic agriculture . . .

It is an amazing phenomenon that we continue to sacrifice so much for the sake of cheap food.   Yes soaking plants in herbicides, spraying pesticides from planes and adding copious amounts of chemical fertilizers to farm fields is  “cheaper” than organic  farming, but is it really worth it?

South Florida is experiencing a huge algae bloom due in large part to farmers all along the Mississippi River using chemical fertilizers that run off the farms and ultimately into the Gulf of Mexico.   There are areas of the Gulf that are completely dead because of this run off.   And now dolphins, manatees and other aquatic life are dying in huge numbers off the Gulf Coast of Florida.   You can read about it here.

Unfortunately Canadians are no better stewards of the land than our southern neighbours.    You can read about dog deaths from toxic algae – again from agricultural run off here.

You can help in a very simple way – simply buy your food from farmers who farm organically – farmers who do not contribute to this toxic mess.    See you at the market on Saturday I hope.



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