Elora Market Time

We will finally be heading back to the market this Saturday! It looks as if we finally have things to sell – fresh garlic, scapes, onions, beets, kale and a few surprises. It has been a long time coming and it so exciting to finally be ready to harvest.
I begin my day with a walk around the entire garden – just a quick inspection to see how things are doing. Today I noticed the dreaded potato bug. It hasn’t actually reached the potato patch yet, but it was in the zucchini flowers. I took a tin can and put a little oil in the bottom and picked them off the flowers. I didn’t get them all, so I called the girls over (the hens that is) and let them go in the garden. I have heard that the chickens will eat the potato bug and I’m sure they will, the problem is there are so many things in the garden for them to eat and they like to scratch away for a while. I know they ate some bugs but I’m not sure how many of the potato bugs they really got. I will be back out there with the tin can in the morning and every day after that!

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