About Mackay Farms

Our fifty-acre farm is just five kilometers from Elora and backs onto the Grand River.  We are deeply committed to being good stewards of the land, we plant 100 trees each year and practice regenerative farming techniques.   We earn our living primarily through the operation of a market garden.  

About Rob and Gord

Rob Mackay

Rob grew up in Kitchener, Ontario and earned a degree in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.  He was the Manager of the Milton Centre for the Arts until his retirement in April of 2017. He is a passionate environmentalist and a strong believer in the “eat local” movement. He believes strongly that much of the climate degradation we are seeing is a result of large-scale farming practices. 



Gord Mackay

Gord grew up in Kitchener, Ontario and earned both his undergrad and his LLB from the University of Western Ontario. For many years he served as Director of Legal Services for Home Hardware Stores in St. Jacobs until his retirement in April 2016. He was born with a passion for horses and has shown on several circuits. With his brother Rob, he acquired the farm in 2008 where he now works full time.


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The Farm

Brothers Gord and Rob acquired the farm in 2008. Since that time they have undertaken many projects on the farm, including:

  • Renovated the barn, converting it from dairy to horses
  • Planted approximately 1,000 trees around the perimeter of the farm to reduce erosion and improve the land and bird habitat
  • Installed blue bird boxes to aid in the repopulating of a once near extinct native species
  • Built a dry stone wall
  • Established a perennial pollinator garden
  • Improved the soil quality by establishing raised beds and by farming using organic and regenerative practices